This pack contains a photocopiable Student's Guide and a Teacher's Commentary

In the Student's Guide the film is segmented into units of 10-15 minutes duration. This facilitates work in the normal class period. There is a series of questions for each sequence that guides the viewing of the students and encourage them to keep a personal Response Journal.

The Teacher's Commentary is a well researched separate booklet which covers issues raised in the guide.

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Extract from Teacher's Commentary: 

Let the film roll until the jet passes over

A sense of wonder and excitement is built up in this sequence. The lighting and soundtrack music add to the exuberance of the horse's movements. It's as if the horse has just been released from some confinement. The music adds a Celtic flavour. The horse acquires a ‘leitmotif’ - signature tune that will be associated with it throughout the movie. The contrast between the horse and the darkness of the night deepens this sense of mystery. From the outset this horse is connected with the sea.

The old man is immediately recognisable as a traveller by his costume, caravan and general ‘look’. To give us an idea of what a character is thinking the camera will get close-up to show his/her facial expression. He is overawed by this horse and the music reinforces this.

The props - his sickle and the kettle of fresh water - emphasise how he lives close to nature. He is independent. The sunlight floods the screen just as the presence of the horse fills his mind.

The final part of the sequence finds him on an urban roadway. He is leaving the idyllic countryside, and moving to this new environment. This is the "Modern World", the "Jet-Age". Once again the camera uses a close-up, this time of the jet. It acts as a metaphor for how this life can overpower you. The horse rears up, frightened of the noise - or is it, in some mysterious way, making a point to the old man that this is not his kind of environment? The soundtrack reinforces the power of the jet. Notice the concrete wall, road and housing estate in the background.

Extract from Student's Guide: 

Let the film roll until the jet passes over

What kind of music is playing here? Can you identify the main instrument? What ideas come into your mind as you listen to this music?

Describe the setting in this scene. What do you think of the lighting? How would you describe the atmosphere as the horse runs along the beach?

What exactly is the old man doing? What props has he in his hands? How does he react to the horse? Describe his facial expression. Does the soundtrack give any idea of what he's thinking? Is this an ordinary horse? Where has it come from?

What kind of a person is the old man? Describe his costume. What kind of a world does he live in? Would he know about horses? Describe the setting in this sequence.

What aspects of the jet are emphasised? How is this done? Why does the horse rear up in front of the old man's caravan? What is the difference between this road and the ones we saw earlier?

Freeze-frame the horse rearing up. Describe the background. How has the setting changed? Where is the old man going?

What is this film going to be about?