Since the mid-nineties C&N media Publications has been producing study guides for secondary schools. We have published a range of photocopiable resources for use at all levels.These guides can be used by the students to build up a Response Journal that will record their ongoing engagement with a film over a period of time. This approach can be introduced at any level in secondary school and then developed in studying prescribed films for a particular course.

For the Irish Leaving Certificate English Comparative Study we have prepared The Comparative Study Series, comprehensive film study guides which help students in viewing a film and contain suggestions for re-reading key moments with particular modes in mind. The International Series uses the same approach and consists of titles that can be used in many educational systems around the globe. The Commentary Series is prepared with the general reader and students in mind. For teachers who would like to use a title as a teaching and learning aid in a classroom situation the film is segmented into sequences of c.10 minutes duration for use within a class period.



Film Studies BooksSeán Conlan has a Masters in Communications and Cultural Studies from DCU. He has presented at in-service courses for teachers of English at multiple venues around the country. He served on the panel of trainers that gave the in-service for the Revised Leaving Certificate Syllabus from 1998 - 2001. Seán took early retirement in 2007 to concentrate on his work in writing and publishing film study guides that would serve as a teaching and learning aid in the classroom. These guides have been well received by teachers throughout the country and abroad, especially in Australia and New Zealand. We have received many orders from there for titles in the photocopiable International Series from teachers who have moved from Ireland after using Sean's material in the Irish educational system.


Seán Conlan was interviewed for the Autumn 2007 edition of 'Teaching English'. The interview is titled 'A Passion for Film' and is available to read online.