The Comparative Study  

The C&N media Film Study Guide Series has been prepared with the Leaving Certificate English course in mind. It is a teaching and learning aid for use in the classroom and consists of three parts:

The Student’s Explorations  
The Comparative Study Supplement 
The Film Commentary.


The Student’s Explorations are designed for the classroom situation. The film is segmented into sequences  of 10-15 minutes duration for use within a class period. A series of questions for each sequence guides the  viewing of the students and encourages them to keep a personal Response Journal under the guidance of the  teacher. Notes on the use of cinematic codes in the discourse of the film and a glossary of film and critical  terms are also included.  

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The Comparative Study Supplement provides guidelines for reviewing key moments in the film with a particular Comparative Mode in mind. It is in pdf format and can be downloaded free. 

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The Film Commentary is a detailed semiological analysis of the film covering all the points raised in the  Student’s Explorations.  

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