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Please note our despatch department will be closed for annual leave until April 7th 2015. Orders received will be posted to schools for the start of the next term. Happy Easter.

Photocopiable Resources prepared for all levels of Secondary School

The photocopiable resources consist of film study guides which are being used widely around the country by teachers of Art, English, Communications, Media and Film Studies. They are suitable for Junior Cert. English classes, Transition Year, L.C.A. and P.L.C courses.

Each pack contains a photocopiable Student's Guide and a Teacher's Commentary. The Student's Guide consists of a segmentation of the film into units of 10-15 minutes duration. This facilitates work in the normal class period of 35-40 minutes. There are a series of questions for each sequence that guide the viewing of the students and encourage them to keep a personal Response Journal.

The Teacher's Commentary is a separate booklet which covers issues raised in the guide. Teachers and students have found these guides very helpful in their work on film.

Many schools are using them as an introduction to the study of film in their First Year Plan.

Each pack is priced @ € 30 + € 1 p&p.

€60 Special Offer

Titles prepared for the Leaving Certificate English Comparative Study

For the Leaving Certificate English syllabus we have produced a series of Study Guides for students that facilitate the use of film as an option in the Comparative Study. Each guide has a detailed semiological analysis of the film, scene by scene, and contains suggestions for work in each of the modes prescribed for the examination.

These are available by post (in class sets only, please) and cost €4.95 (the 2003 price) each. See our special offer for more details.

€99 Special Offer

A very helpful Teacher's Commentary comes free with each class set ordered and Postage is free.  A free Study Guide is supplied for the teacher with an order of 20 or more.

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The C&N Methodology

  • Students view the film in its entirety (3/4 class periods)
  • The film is divided into about ten sequences of roughly ten minutes duration
  • Students read the questions in their notes to guide their viewing
  • Students view the film for the second time sequence by sequence
  • Classroom work and discussion
  • Written homework can be set on the questions in the notes. This can be built up into a personal response journal

A final project can be delivered by compiling these responses and adding chapters on Characterisation, Themes, Imagery, Social Setting etc. or, in the case of the Comparative Study, an essay can be set on a particular mode.